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Our History

St. Patrick's Separate School opened in 1954, with approximately 200 students. The first principal was Mr. A.C. McFee. His staff consisted of Mr. Harper, Mrs. Girard, Mrs. Fex, Miss Dupuis and Mrs. Garaghty. The original building is a prefabricated building containing eight classrooms, offices, washrooms and boiler room, as a cost of $120,000. 
To accommodate the ever growing​ student population in Atikokan a new building was necessary. In 1961 a new building was built next to the original school that included three classrooms, storage room and two washrooms. Between 1966 and 1969 additional renovations were done that included more classrooms, washrooms, library and gymnasium all at a cost of $367, 000. 
In 2000, the current St. Patrick's School was built. The year 2001 marked the official opening on the new St. Patrick's School and the original building, built in 1954, was demolished. 
In September 2009, the Atikokan Roman Catholic Separate​ School Board and the Northwest Catholic District School Board amalgamated.