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 "If the learn​ing environment is calm, organized and purposefully planned by the educator, then the students will be able to maintain their learning focus for a longer, more desirable period of time."​​​​​ -​ Mrs. Diane Bowes & Mrs. Jessica Veenbaas
​Mrs.​ Diane Bowes & Mrs. Jessica Veenbaas recently complete an Inquiry Based Learning Project entitled "Environment Strategies for Self-Regulation in K-8 students".​​ As a result, many of our classrooms are noticeably different. They were able to equip our classrooms with:
  • bubble tubes
  • light covers
  • essential oil diffusers
  • flexible seating
  • artificial aquariums
  • water features
  • fidget items
  • low level lighting
  • plants and greenery​
Something's that we are noticing in our classrooms are students are becoming more aware of their need to self regulate and are appropriately responding to their needs.​ Students are also utilizing the "tools" in their classrooms in appropriate ways and, as a result, are self-regulating some of their emotions and behaviours. Finally, children (and Staff) who have participated in the Zones of Regulation​ program now have a common understanding of their emotions, actions/reactions and strategies school-wide. 
On March 19th, St. Patrick's school welcomed Television Ontario (TVO) into our school. They spent the whole day documenting Mrs. Veenbaas and Mrs. Bowes' project, speaking with them, as well as, staff, students and parents about the impact of the calming tools and strategies being implemented​ in all the classrooms at St. Patrick's school. 
Please use the following link to see our calming approach to learning. Calming Classrooms -TVO​